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Noel Alpins, MD, FACS

2012 Speaker
Noel Alpins - CEO - Assort PTY LTD

Dr. Noel Alpins has been specialising in Cataract and Refractive Surgery since founding NewVision Clinics in Melbourne in 1996.  He speaks widely on surgical techniques at national and international meetings and has been a keynote speaker and chair on many occasions. Dr Alpins was the invited RANZCO Council Lecturer at the 2010 annual scientific meeting in Adelaide and is to be the recipient of the 2012 ISRS AAO Lans Distinguished award in Chicago. He has been an Australia Day Ambassador since 2011.

He pioneered small incision cataract surgery in Victoria and is a Foundation and current member of the Excimer Laser & Research Group.  Noel is also an Associate Fellow at the University of Melbourne where he completed his Diploma of Ophthalmology in 1977 and FRACS prior to commencing practice in general ophthalmology.

Dr. Alpins is on the RANZCO program committee and the editorial board of several ophthalmic information magazines and peer reviewed journals and has published widely in these. He is also an invited moderator for scientific sessions at many international conferences he attends.

He has developed new techniques for analysing astigmatism that have been adopted as the basis for evaluating laser treatments in the ophthalmic literature and regulatory authorities and has innovated new techniques for treating and analysing astigmatism that are now included on Wikipedia as the Alpins method. His most recent paper, describing a new topograhical parameter for measuring corneal astigmatism, is being published this year in the Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery.

Dr. Alpins is the founder and CEO of ASSORT surgical management systems, a suite of programs which includes its flagship, the ASSORT software for vector planning of treatment and outcomes analysis of cataract and refractive surgery used by colleagues internationally. The iASSORT program is interfaced with most topography devices for their expanded functionality for corneal assessment and analysis, the VectrAK program enables import and export of data for astigmatic analysis for up to 1000 cases at a time and the Web Based calculator modules from the ASSORT program for toric IOL calculation and analysis and Femto LRI surgery with others under current development.  Dr Alpins holds an extensive patent portfolio, with further recent applications in process for astigmatism treatment and analysis.